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My first iPhone mini movie!

Two things: I love the look of film and vintage cameras and a couple of years back, I saw Marc Nicdao’s amazing video of Liz Uy’s 30th birthday party shot entirely on an iPhone. A third thing: I only have four usable videos in my phone–two of which are of Peyton doing the same thing (he directed his scenes, by the way).

I made it using three apps. One to trim and piece them together, one to oldify the footage, and another for the music. I had to trim the video first to what I want to oldify (because some of the clips were really long), oldify them, then upload them to the first app. Once you’ve trimmed a video and you want to use footage from that same video, you have to reupload it again. Hahaha. Best watched via phone. 😀


I just watched it on a PC a few seconds ago and I found out you can edit videos through YouTube now! Such fun! I’ll do that for my next projects. It’s really taxing to keep changing apps.

The beauty of videos

Remember this?

This was a video Jason made for me some time last December. I’m not as brave as posting a video of myself singing and “emoting” all over the internet so this counter-video would have to do! 


I miss you Precious Blog. Unfortunately, my anti-cyberspace campaign involved giving up, even you. Don’t worry, I have soooo many blog drafts in my phone awaiting publication.


Work Countdown: 3 DAYS

I’ve managed putting employment off (yes, it’s that unfortunate phenomenon we have to deal with to feed ourselves) the entire summer due to my do-gooder volunteering for the 2010 elections. And now, after a month of saying yes to my future employers, my papers are finally filed and I can start on Monday!!! Hahaha. I’ve always known I’ll never land a nine-to-five job.