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I’m back!

I lost a little bit of myself the past six months. I was a little too busy to figure myself out. I was a little too lazy to publish the entries I randomly wrote when I was waiting for events to start. I was a little too little in 2013. But now I’m back. Bigger–literally–and louder.

Hello! It’s me. Sasha.




Boracay 2014. 



I should really change my header

There goes my resolve to write titles that are COHERENT with the entry. Seriously though, that header is over a year old. My hair color has changed (for the better); my waistline has changed (that one, not so).

I just got back from a three-day, four-night Cebu/Bantayan/Bohol trip with my mom and Jason. Suffice to say, I am exhausted. Yes, it’s been two days and all I still want is to lay in bed. I honestly got back early on Wednesday, with enough time to report for work at 2 p.m. but I was too tired to even lift a spoon. Against my financial needs, I decided to just sleep in.

The antivacation consisted of waking up at 4 a.m. for three days straight:

March 20: 4 a.m. to ferry to Bantayan Island

March 21: 4 a.m. to ferry to Cebu

March 22: 4 a.m. to ferry to Bohol

Fortunately, on March 23, I was awarded the luxury of sleeping until the very late hour of 6 a.m. since our flight was at 8:30.

The luck continues, and this time I’m serious. I was with troopers who didn’t mind that our little vacation, being sadly too brief, would be jampacked to the last second, without so much as a moment to breathe. My mom who’s well past her golden age trekked, ran and hiked with us. She’s part vampire, so she opted out at the beach, choosing instead to answer Sudoku puzzles under a shady umbrella. Mommy likes her creams, the ones that “magically take away wrinkles overnight;” her air is better airconditioned; and like I said, she shrinks under sunlight. So, it was really impressive that she managed to keep up with us, even pulling ahead and leading the way.

Jason, on the other hand, carried his full camera gear in this giant rucksack he bought at half price. Being the only gentleman around, he was also mandated by his sheer status as a man to carry most of our stuff. Hahaha.

In the interest of keeping you hooked til I finally get my paws on our amazing photos, I won’t go into any detail yet. It was tiring (there was one night when I dozed off at the absurdly early hour of 9:30) and I dropped a large bundle but it was worth it. We bought these tickets way back during Cebu Pacific’s 10-10-10 promo so I waited impatiently since October.

I think to keep my gears greased, I’m really meant to go on vacation every three or four months.


In other news,

Guess who just graduated from pre-nursery school?

The theme was very Filipino which is ironic because Learning Jungle Pasig is the absolute kid version of the United Nations–sprawling with Indians, Chinese and Koreans. It was funny hearing them belt out “Pinoy Ako!” when their physical features say otherwise. Peyton, who barely speaks Filipino, even had to sing “Sampung Mga Daliri.” I bet if you ask him to label body parts in English, he’d tell you right down to the very last organ. Filipino is tricky, even for me.