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Jason’s 26th

I am not going to win any best girlfriend awards this year. I had no plans at all. I prepared for his surprise 25th birthday two months in advance, pestering people to be on time (they did not) and bribing people to help me with the logistics. I figured, it’s the 26th. He has five more years to anticipate another major milestone–and I made this very clear just so he wouldn’t expect anything. We’re currently saving up for something big in addition to making up for several major expenditures in the past three months so, as much as I wanted to, I really didn’t have the resources for anything extravagant.

What more, Jason asked if he could open his birthday gift the day I bought it (December 26). He knew what it was, mind you, he’s been dropping hints like Peeves and dungbombs. By the time his actual birthday came, except for making reservations to our favorite restaurant for a dinner on the eve of his 26thdom, I had nothing.

But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t feel guilty about not making enough effort.

He picked me up, virtually empty-handed, to go to work to which I sang him a Happy Birthday with my squeaky, ratty voice. I sang repeatedly in English and Chinese for about five minutes before I set about my daily daydreaming while pretending to look out the window. No plans yet.

After work, I went straight to the mall and bought him a set of socks from Debenhams just so he has something to unwrap. I also purchased  a P90 brownie and an electronic candle that played the birthday song when you light it. When we got to my house, I lit it up, held it together with the brownie, started singing, much to thr irritation of my neighbors. Despite the aid of my musical pyrotechnical accompaniment, my voice still resembled a cat being squished under a truck. Jason recorded the entire performance leading up to his blowing of the candle. And because it’s us, the video was not saved. We had to repeat the entire spectacle all over again. Really, I don’t know how he can take my screeching. But there you go, another blow and another wish.
In a stroke of brilliance, I also asked my DJ friend (hello, Je Mendoza of Pop Stop 89.9) to greet him on air. She and Andi were only too kind to heed my request (I also asked them to say his full name. Heaven knows how many Jasons were born today.) We were all kind of giddy after that.
Happy birthday, bu! I hope you had a blast even if things were kept simple.

birthday surprise!!!

My first real encounter with a BlackBerry was in my online journalism class. My teacher amazed all six of us (yes, six in a  classroom for 80) by living inside that little black device. He used it to run his entire life–from editing for his publication, to lecture notes, to entertainment. The BlackBerry made its second surprise appearance during my stint in Storyline ANC as the only phone my boss (who shall lovingly be nameless :D) failed to misplace. Someone even accidentally called it a BlueBerry to a collective “say what” from all of us.  

Like a less wrinkled, less stylish Carrie Bradshaw, I’m the most technologically incompetent person in the world. When it comes to buying cellphones, I only have two requirements: texting and calling. Cameras are a luxury I can live without (seriously, I only get phones with good cameras when I feel rich). Jason takes all the appreciated photos anyway (oo bitter ako sa photography skills ko). As long I have some form of communication with someone other than myself, I’m good. Getting left behind in the technology department i’s fine. It’s not a race I want to win. 

But when this journalist-wannabe volunteered for ABS-CBN last summer, my mind changed. All our little phones became outdated and out of place amidst the BlackBerry craze that took place in the office. Even other branded QWERTY phones bowed down under its ridiculous “smart” power! It didn’t take long when it hit us. There was one very important item needed to become a serious journalist–a clickety QWERTY fruity phone. It was time to air out the old piggy bank.

And just as I was dusting the cobwebs off old piggy, the most awesome man-child pulled the biggest birthday surprise. His impatience coupled by unrestrained excitement compelled him to give his birthday present a week early. I’ll give you three hints on what was inside that Globe Telecoms bag: complicated, journalistic, and a fruit’s namesake. Got it???

I was in complete, utter disbelief, especially since I told Jason that he shouldn’t get me anything for my birthday because he was saving up for something. And if it’s even possible, Jason is much more excited than me. He keeps fiddling with it every few seconds, discovering apps, and features that would take me years to find. I’m glad he’s taking the reins on this one since the manual and everything (except the iconic envelope and phone handset) look aramaic to me. Right now, he’s still hasn’t stopped pimping it up, much to my amusement and dismay (it gets more and more complicated with every update). Thank you so so so SO SO much Auntie and Jason. It really really cheered me up yesterday when I was feeling down. Hahahaha. 😀 >:D<

Now I marvel at the clickety typing sounds as I wait for more tricks and tutorials from Jason. 



Thank you for filling it with photos of yourself Jason! Now it looks gorgeous!


Photoshoot with JAAASOOOON

Unfortunately, I don’t mean Jason Mariposa since he’s in slumberland as I type. 

Isn’t Jaaasoooon adorable? Yes, you’re not cross-eyed. It’s spelled with three As and four Os. Jason gave him to me today… maybe because I watched over his wallet for one night or maybe because he woke me up from a good sleep.


I’m glad I don’t look like a little boy when I’m beside this Jaaasoooon.

In other news,


UPDATE: Stolen pictures (from Cy) of  Je’s party!


Je and Aaron

Cy and Saz

Sel and Rap


Raymond, where the hell were you?