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Meet Jojo

Good news! I was a little premature with my last post which was written about a week before publication. The grass plant that I planted last last Tuesday (December 11) grew after only six days! When I left my little piggy pot on Friday, it was still nothing but a handful of soil, but when I arrived on Monday, I was greeted with about 3.5 inches of grass! It grew about an inch more! It was supposed to grow only after seven days, but maybe I’m such an excellent gardener. I decided to name it Jojo (as in Joh-Joh and not Joe-joe) in homage to Jo who bought it for us from Hong Kong.


The box comes with a little barrel of dried soil, a packet of seeds, and a piggy pot. The intructions required me to separate a quarter of the soil and I was pleasantly surprised because the “barrel” was actually four little tokens stuck together. Easy! I poured a few capfuls of water into the three pieces of soil and sort of mashed it until it reached the texture and appearance of–normal soil. I scattered the seeds around the teeny space, mashed the last segment of dried up soil on a separate container then used it to cover my little grass seeds. I was a bit anxious because my cubicle is nowhere near a window and I didn’t want to leave it on a random window sill. my desk lamp became makeshift sunlight.

When it suddenly grew, it was paler than normal but I wasn’t complaining. Mestizo ata yung halaman ko! The packet said we should wait for the grass to grow long enough for us to “style” it. There were even photos of stacks of grass with ribbons, a flat top, and more.


After two days, I deemed Jojo’s hair was long enough for a nice trim. I first settled on a flat top, but decided on something much edgier.


I’m like the friggin Frederic Fekkai of the plant world!

It was much harder because the scissors I borrowed were so blunt! It turned out much shorter than I wanted to because I had to keep trimming and re-trimming to make things even.


Beautiful! It’s a whole new Jojo!

P.S. Happy Birthday to my lovely and forever friend, Jessica Mendoza! I hope you receive more and more blessings!