Sasha is not cool

This is my jologs page. For everyone who don’t know me, I’m a really big fan of Filipino cinema. Although I must say I do not like the cheesy bulok movies that hit it big here (ie, love team films that are just full of product placements). I like the substantial ones (indies, old, docu-type), despite the crappy effects. They really show our culture.

Anyway, I was watching an interview with Vilma Santos earlier today and she was talking about how great her experiences were being Darna. I got inspired and I started researching about the past Darna movies and franchises. Raymond and I were just telling Dominic yesterday that archiving in the Philippines is horrible. I was glad that when I was googling, there’s this whole site dedicated to Mars Ravelo’s Darna, one of his most famous stories.

This is how bad the state of Philippine archiving is. Maybe I will take up Raymond’s suggestion of being a film historian.

Anyway, it’s so interesting. I think I’m becoming a fan of Darna. I’ve seen most of the movies. I haven’t seen any of the series though. I like the idea that she really had to be voluptuous. Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin even had to fatten up to gain more muscle for the role.

Anyway, here’s my Darna Gallery (I’ll even include the cameos)

Rosa Del Rosario – she was the first one and did around 3 or 4 versions, the first being directed by the great Fernando Poe Sr whose legacy lives on in UP.

Darna - Rosa Del Rosario 3Darna - Rosa Del RosarioDarna - Rosa Del Rosario 2

… …

She was followed by Liza Moreno. Actually all the succeeding Darnas (save for Vilma Santos) only played her once. I love looking at black and white pictures.

Darna - Liz Moreno

… …

Eva Montes

Darna - Eva MontesDarna - Eva Montes 2

… …

Gina Pareno (who would have thought Lola Getz from Tayong Dalawa played Darna!) I was really surprised, I told my mom and she didn’t know it either. Anyway, I love Gina Pareno, she lived such as inspiring life.

Darna - Gina ParenoDarna - Gina Pareno 2Darna - Gina Pareno 3

… …

The great Vilma Santos. It’s so funny how she’s the first Darna to also play Dyesebel (the second is Marian Rivera) who’s one of her allies. Multi-personality. She’s the easiest Darna to research. During the span of her four Darna films, lots of other adaptations were also released but hers were always best received.

Darna - Vilma SantosDarna - Vilma Santos 2Darna - Vilma Santos 3

… …

Dolphy. Yes, he played Darna. There were three Darna’s in his film–Brenda Del Rio, the real Darna, became pregnant so Dolphy had to take over her heroic duties. Some time in the film, Lotis Key also got Darna’s transforming stone, enabling her to be Darna as well.

Brenda Del Rio

Brenda Del Rio



Lotis Key

Lotis Key

… …

Rio Locsin. She’s in a competition with Gina Pareno for Darna with the biggest chest.

Darna - Rio LocsinDarna - Rio Locsin 2

… …

Nanette Medved. The only skinny Darna, she didn’t even want to role because she felt she was better off playing Valentina (played brilliantly by Cherie Gil). Dawn Zulueta was initially up for the role.

Darna - Nanette Medved

… …

Anjanette Agbayari – the first imported Darna. She looked like Wonder Woman.

Darna - Anjanette Agbayari… …

Darna was also portrayed in television series, the more recent interpretations were shown on the tube.

Lorna Tolentino – the first one-piece wearing Darna

Darna - Lorna Tolentino… …

Angel Locsin – she’s the sexiest for me. (But that’s largely because I am part of the Anti-Marian Rivera Club). Her main villain, Black Darna, is the first villain not to appear in original Mars Ravelo comics.

Darna - Angel Locsin… …

Marian Rivera – someone gag her in the mouth. I can’t believe GMA is producing another Darna series after Angel Locsin’s successful run. Running out of stories, I see.

Darna - Marian Rivera… …

CAMEOS – these are the Darnas who appeared merely as supporting characters for Captain Barbell.

Sharon Cuneta

Darna - Sharon Cuneta… …

Regine Velasquez… 😐 not a good interpretation

Darna - Regine Velasquez… …

Trivia: Darna was originally named “Varga” but Mars Ravelo had some run-ins with his publishing company. He left it, bringing Varga with him. He then rechristened her Darna and is now one of the most celebrated heroes in Philippine pop fiction (can we call this that?)

Anyway, I bet a lot of people are surprised to find out how jologs I am. Well, to those who are cringing right now, WHATEVER. At least I have something to be passionate about. πŸ™‚

Will post other Filipino / Kung Fu related blogs soon. Sasha is a dork.

10 responses to “Sasha is not cool

  1. This was a fun read! πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, our film industry does not take itself seriously. I find myself more interested in old Pinoy films than the ones we have today. 😦

  3. maisie chua dy

    enjoi bga sasha,.haha,.magaun talaga marparabasa mga arug kni,.mga makaluma,.ahah,.ingat!

  4. The best Darna movie was the one with Vilma. But alas, even video pirates in Quiapo can’t find a copy of this one. 😐

    Glad I stumbled on your “jologs” section. I love Pinoy films too. πŸ™‚

  5. Not that I like to brag about it, but it’s just quite a thing to look back, brenda del rio’s actually a neighbor of ours then, and a forgotten family friend. thanks for posting this, cos if it weren’t posted — i would’ve never had known she actually starred as well for the lokal version of wonder Woman, let alone find anything on the internet about her, thanks! πŸ™‚

  6. Now reading all you collected and said about the various Darna actresses… reminded me of Tita Pining (Fenicula Asetre) – I was with her to see the Vilma Santos one (not on same year it was released). I have seen also the old Dyesebel film πŸ™‚ Giggling silently here on your witty descriptions on every Darna through the span of years ha ha. best regards.

  7. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not
    sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.

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