My first iPhone mini movie!

Two things: I love the look of film and vintage cameras and a couple of years back, I saw Marc Nicdao’s amazing video of Liz Uy’s 30th birthday party shot entirely on an iPhone. A third thing: I only have four usable videos in my phone–two of which are of Peyton doing the same thing (he directed his scenes, by the way).

I made it using three apps. One to trim and piece them together, one to oldify the footage, and another for the music. I had to trim the video first to what I want to oldify (because some of the clips were really long), oldify them, then upload them to the first app. Once you’ve trimmed a video and you want to use footage from that same video, you have to reupload it again. Hahaha. Best watched via phone. 😀


I just watched it on a PC a few seconds ago and I found out you can edit videos through YouTube now! Such fun! I’ll do that for my next projects. It’s really taxing to keep changing apps.

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