1. Wear heels at least twice a week. It’s time to let Casual–Everyday go and move on to loftier ambitions and fashion.

2. Stop picking! In exchange for the lack of nail-biting, I have a relentless fixation with scabs, zits, cuticles, hair. No more!

3. Eat healthier. Obviously NOT when I’m on an assignment where I am professionally required to eat as much of everything, but I can control what I consume outside my job.

4. Be more independent; do things and dream for myself.

5. Enroll myself in something physical–and actually sweat.

6. Bake. Starting with a soufflé next Saturday. I might as well go for the hardest dessert.

7. Work (even) harder.

8. Make more time with friends. Just a little something in relation to No. 4. I have plenty of dates lined up for my college friends.

2 responses to “Resolutions

  1. #1 is a resolution for me too haha! It kills to commute in them, but it’s something I have to get used to! As for #8, let’s all go out again soon please! 🙂

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