Stamps, words, mirrors

As I mentioned in my previous post, I totally didn’t realize that I had to use the mirror image when carving anything that has a specific sequence. Jo became O and a hook. I manage to fix it by sketching the letters backwards. A two-letter name is simple, but what if I wanted to carve something like: “Hey, yo mama”–in cursive! I stayed up all night thinking of EASIER ways to sketch my patterns in reverse without reworking my imagination to think backwards or the aid of a mirror–which I’m sure would end up confusing me more.



I first traced the perimeter if the eraser/stamp on a sheet of paper to gauge the size of my working area. In it, I sketched the pattern I wanted with a very dark pencil. I didn’t have to fill in the letters actually, I just wanted to make sure that at least some semblance of the pattern would transfer on to the rubber.


Gently lay the eraser/stamp over your sketch then gently flip it over. Rub the area over the sketch–almost as if you’re using contact paper. When you feel that you have a considerable blueprint on the stamp, lift the sheet of paper. Use a pencil to refine the areas, especially lines that will serve as your guide.

Happy cutting!


I chose the word “Paid” because I just watched the BSC movie and Paid is like the most common stamp ever. Unfortunately, as Lou and Jo pointed out, I could’ve just bought a ready-made one. On the other side, I made a little stock market stamp for Jason. Just for practice. I’m trying to work with harder patterns on teeny erasers so that when the time comes, working on more spacious and real rubber stamps would be a cinch!


Squiggly squiggly. I hope the real stock market doesn’t look like this. Jason’s charts always look so complicated, but he’s always assuring me that they’re easy to understand.


More to practice on! I can’t wait! I need a better knife. My nifty (and very cheap) cutter is starting to get blunt. That pig vase in the back is where I’m growing my new grass plant. They remind me of ’90s Grassheads–but cuter. Jo bought it from Hong Kong and according to the package, I just have to wait seven days before my little plant starts growing. I’ve never had a green thumb (my fortune plant died after a few months), but cross your fingers! If the grass grows long enough, you can style it! I’ll write about it after a week!

Written on 12-12-12. Therefore my grass pig should have made progress by tomorrow!

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