The Season of Giving

Jason and I have been giving shared gifts for the past three (?) years. It’s cheaper for both of us and with a much more flexible budget, we’re able to get them something nicer. This year, because I feel like we’ve been so blessed, I amped up out budget this year, especially for our parents. I take care of the Christmas shopping: (1) because I love doing it; (2) Jason’s usually busy and I always want to lighten his load in anyway I can; (3) again because I really love choosing, preparing, and buying gifts!

Besides, I know Jason has a tendency to buy whatever is convenient (except for me! he’s an intelligent shopper when it comes to me!) especially when the shopping’s taking too long. I, on the other hand, go into it deliberately and carefully. I consider need, lifestyle, personality, and sense of style–oh and the budget, of course! I’m a self-proclaimed champion gift-giver (and I always tell Jason this) because, on a selfish note, I really love the feeling when someone finds our presents thoughtful. Appreciation is the best reward. Really, it’s not about what you give, but the process you went through to give it.

Last year I advised Jason that we’ll just buy everything from bazaars. Much cheaper, bigger selection, an opportunitya to check the product. My boyfriend is allergic to tiangge-style areas, but I figured one trip won’t kill him. Besides, it’s for a good cause–our families! But as usual, I couldn’t wait again and I bought almost everything (except for two) online. By the time November ended, gifts for our sisters and Jason’s mom were parceled and ready for delivery. I also ordered my mom’s gift on November 29. However, just as the year before, I got super annoyed a week later; I went to the World Bazaar Festival and I saw loads of awesome gift choices at ridiculously bargain prices (not exactly cheap, but cheaper than retail). Next year, I tell you.

Anyway, my mom’s gift arrived 16 days after ordering (a day late last Saturday)–the same time my brother’s did. We bought Jason’s dad’s gift on the same day too. Jason had the final say in that because he knows him best.



I was finished with most of the gifts by November, but I made a stupid mistake! I totally forgot which gift was for whom! Thankfully, I have a habit of making paper bags for gifts with awkward shapes (ie, are not in a box). I had to carefully peel off the tape on top. I scraped off a bit of wrapping paper but patched the holes up with cards. I wanted to make customized gift tags made with tea-stained paper and calligraphy, but I wasn’t able to find calligraphy ink that was up to par. It worked out well in the end because the homey rusticity wouldn’t mesh well with the cutesy wrapping paper.

Because everything was wrapped and ready by yesterday, I was itching, absolutely ITCHING–as in hindi kaya ng Caladryl toh–to give them to my mom and sisters and brother, but Jason was adamant to give everything at the same time on today. Boo. 😟 It’s fair though.

Can you guess which one is for whom? I hope everyone likes our choices!

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