I cut myself carving

Because I have no patience and I do not want to drive all the way to Craft MNL, I just hauled myself to the nearest National Book Store to get some makeshift supplies: a narrow cutter (instead of a utility knife) and erasers (instead of a rubber stamp).

Before I begin, let me just say that the eraser shelf in NBS Robinsons Forum is an utter mess, an ukay for erasers. I had to literally dig deep and deeper. They didn’t have any big CHEAP flat ones that weren’t Faber Castell or Staedler. I had just settled on a P15 Maped one, when I came across a P10 Best Buy one. I rummaged a bit more then finally, I chanced upon a pair of teeny erasers for only P9. Since it was my very first time to make rubber stamps, I figured I might as well go cheap–that way I can literally afford to make mistakes.

The attendant didn’t know what I meant by utility knife so I had to draw it for her. Artist lang talaga ang peg! They didn’t have it. Eventually I contented myself with a minuscule, dirt-cheap cutter that I figured could cut corners (#punny).


First obstacle: the erasers were tiny! I’m an okay drawer, but I felt like the artist who uses hair to paint faces on pinheads! Second: due to my excitement, I did not realize that I had to sketch the mirror image for the figure (especially when it’s text) to come out right when I stamp it. I only realized it after I made the first incision. Sobrang sayang lang.


Since I don’t know anyone who spells their name with an O and a backwards J and I didn’t want the project to go to waste, I decided to carve some more. I still had enough space on the other side of the erasers anyway so might as well. That’s the beauty of using erasers instead of actual rubber stamps; it’s much thicker! What it lacks in surface area, it makes up with… Duality!

For the complimentary images (an envelope for the mailbox and a properly laid out Jo for the OJ), I inverted the carving. I scraped off the borders of the envelope–a crazy meticulous task, by the way, without the aid of a proper knife–and I dug out the letters J and O. I went for contrast, imagining how the four would look on paper.


The problem with this cheap eraser is that, apparently, it has some sort of weird dotted texture that shows up under the ink. I like how it turned out though. Not to pat myself on the back or anything but it’s not a bad attempt for my first time. I’m so kilig with the final product! That sweet handmade effect! I wish I had colored ink to create a more festive look but either way, I love the simple black and white effect. Knowing me, I would’ve gone overboard with the colors anyway.



Ironically, I did NOT cut myself carving. I was fooling around with the cutter post-carving when I accidentally pierced my finger. Just a little nick.


Written on December 11, 2012. I had to delay posting it because I used the wrapper for my Secret Santa Baby, Jo. Hahaha

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