Paper Roses

I had long bookmarked an online paper-flower tutorial when I saw my friend’s uber crafty mom’s paper roses. They were absolutely gorgeous. Even better than the ones I checked out on Pinterest. I’ve tried a lot of how-tos on both Pinterest and Craft Gawker–some which worked to a tee and some which ended up terribly (read: honey and olive oil in my hair made a greasy mess for several days). Looking at Tita Lucille’ beautiful (literal) textbook roses gave me inspiration not to mention confirmation that it can be done.

Thus, my own version. (Please excuse the ugly photos. I used the iPad camera because I left my trusty phone in Jason’s car again.)


I made it with an old Panorama magazine because my mom no longer allows me to waste newspapers for my “creative” schemes. I didn’t have the heart to rip out old books either. The glossy paper is much thicker which accounts for the stiffness of my little rose. Book pages look much more romantic and are more coherent in terms of color, but hey, reusing is reusing!

I cut out seven pieces each of five shapes that vary in size. Just make each one a little wider and longer than the other. Make sure that the tip is slightly pointy; this will mark the center. Fold a bit of the top end vertically then slightly curl the fat edges toward the fold (if I don’t make sense, please bear with me and refer to the photo haha). The curling is a drag, by the way, but it will make your paper flowers look like they’re in bloom.


I used a Q tip (with the cotton ends sliced off) as base though some people prefer wire. Wrap a piece of the smallest petal around the Q tip then start gluing petals one by one. Tip: Fold a bit of the bottom end (still vertically) this time to give it a rounder shape; fill the folded area with glue then stick just that bottom part around the base. When you transition to bigger pieces, make sure to slide a little lower down to keep the petals level. I used a glue gun for neatness since it doesn’t seep through the material and it dries fast; it’s also easier to peel off especially when you get some gunk on your skin.


When you’re done, just roll a strip of paper at the base of your rose. Actually, since I trimmed away the excess Q tip (I needed a flat flower because I intend to decorate a gift box with it instead of a ribbon), I cut a circle then glued it to my little flower’s exposed bottom. Much neater.

Ta-dah! That simple! Time to rip apart some books!

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