It’s only Monday…

I love Mondays. I don’t know, but for me Monday is the reason you appreciate the weekend anyway. My Mondays always suck. I trip, I bruise; I have the craziest luck with random misfortunes that are always hilarious in hindsight.

Case in point:

1. My fight with cab driver of taxi TWT 303 (I will report you, sir! I already texted the LTFRB).

I hitch with Jason to his office in Ortigas where I get a cab to MY office on Pioneer. I’ve had my share of terrible taxi drivers (including one where I was so annoyed I forgot my protocol of checking the seat after I leave and consequently left a very valuable item), but never have I experienced so much grief from a driver–well, I guess because it’s also the first time I fought back.

The bill amounted to P75 which is usual. I handed him a P100 bill and he shook it off saying he didn’t have change. I told him to kill the meter as I fished for coins in the deep recesses of my purse. He didn’t and soon enough, the meter read P78.50. I told him, “Kuya, pakipatay naman yung metro niyo. Andito na ako eh” to which he replied with a “Umaandar pa ako eh. Ang tagal niyo kasi magbayad.” That made me mad. First of all, it is not my fault that he doesn’t have change. “Kuya, nagbayad na ako. Ayaw niyo tanggapin. Problema niyo maghanap ng barya pero ako ang gumagawa ng trabaho niyo,” I said, obviously frustrated. He replied again, equally annoyed: “Di huwag niyo bayaran yung sobra.”

Hindi talaga, mandaraya ka!” I fished out three twenties and three fives and plunked it down my seat, and left in a huff. BUT NOT BEFORE I GOT HIS LICENSE PLATE.

I always discourage my mom when she quarrels with cab drivers just because we have no idea what they’re capable of and I’ve seen enough reruns of CSI and Law and Order to NOT want to know. I figured though that since I’m not home, he has no idea where I live, and I was already in my destination, I might as well fight back.

2. My embarrassing elevator incident.

After over a year at my job, I’m still confused about which floors are where. I’m on the seventh and I had to go to the sixth. The elevator going up was just closing when I ran and stuck my foot inside. I was already inside when I suddenly pressed the OPEN button. “Oh no, wrong! I’m so sorry.” They all laughed at me… but so did I so it was okay.

3. I mistook another person to be a girl! I’ve called two people (who are both named Louis) “Sir!” This time I called an “Ashlie” a ma’am. His parents are probably GWTW fans.


In other news:

If you or a friend are/is looking for a gorgeous designer wedding gown for less, please visit Patty Laurel’s blog. She is auctioning off her beautiful Rosa Clara serpentine dress to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Pablo.

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