Twitter Booboo

For someone who’s owned a Twitter account since 2008–long before anyone can even pronounce micro-blogging–I’m terrible at tweeting. My page had long been underused except for a few automatic posts such as notifications of new blog entries, retweets. And when I was asked to manage our Twitter page at work, my personal account died entirely. The whole two accounts thing rattles me. I’ve only recently learned how to juggle both.

Which is why it surprises me how, after almost two years of manning’s Twitter page, I’ve yet to make a major mistake (come to think of it, I don’t recall any mistakes EVER). My predecessor once told me she’d once been tweeting links all day only to realize later she’d been posting in her own account. It’s not that humiliating but I feared that the reverse would happen to me (as in me posting personal posts on’s page).

The time has come. My crazy luck managed this catch up with me. I was watching LOTR Return of the King yesterday. I don’t know about you but I think it’s one of the greatest book-to-movie adaptations in the world. My brother has a great influence in my interests and I grew up enjoying wrestling, comics, Mjolnir, Star Wars, etc. Jason can tell you that I’m always on hand with some trivia about Harry Potter or Street Fighter. Engulfed in Peter Jackson’s epic fantasy, I tweeted: “If Gandalf used his Magneto powers, he could’ve beaten the Orcs easily.” Well, you can tell what happened next.


I realized the mistake as soon as I posted it and I deleted it just as quickly. Unfortunately someone had faster fingers than me. Gino Quillamor of The Morning Rush retweeted it. I immediately tried to cover up my embarrassment by responding and saying “Oh hey, LOTR is playing on HBO.” To make matters worse, Je Mendoza of Magic 89.9, my fellow geek and a close personal friend (or so I thought!), joined in with her own input about magnetism and metal and weapons. Soon enough, she and Gino were in convo over it with tagged.

I quickly texted Je that it was me who posted the erratum and like a true friend, she responded by tagging MY newly active personal account with: “@ginoboi meet @sashalimuy.”


Face palm much.

In an attempt to be transparent, I told my editor about the tweet. It was only up in the air for a few seconds but people have seen and responded to it which is beyond my control. I didn’t want her to be shocked by noticing our readers were suddenly talking about Ian McKellen and his role choices. Thankfully Jo was pretty game about it and even said we should post more of those random musings to encourage conversation with our followers. Crisis averted. I almost regret deleting the post.

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