My Christmas Wishlist

In the three years that I’ve maintained this blog, it’s become tradition that I list down everything I expect to find under the tree come Christmas Day. Two things: (1) My family stopped installing Christmas decorations over 10 years ago; (2) I’ve yet to receive a single item I’ve asked for since starting my list in 2009! People have a very different perception of what they think I want and need from what I think I want and need, apparently, even though I write them down for easy reference.

So for this year, I demand:


It’s not a coded equation. It’s just… Right now, at this very moment, I feel like I have everything I need. I don’t want to ask God (or anyone else) for more because I know I’ve been dealt a great hand this year. All aces (forget that I had to endure a couple of clubs at the beginning of the game). No complaints. 🙂

I’m 22 and reasonably healthy. My family is alive and kickin’; some months are rough, but we always manage to stay afloat and come back fighting. I have a cool job that people envy that allows me to try things I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to. I eat more than what my body requires. I haven’t paid for a haircut all year. I’m part owner of three amazing dogs, two naughty hedgehogs, and one obese hamster. I’m blessed with a wonderful boyfriend who you can’t help but love… That’s what Jason does: he shows you all kinds love–unconditional, friendship, tough–because he has so much of it to give.

Not in photo: my sister and her family!

From some sort of Divine Intervention, I was given the tools to survive a heart ache I didn’t think was recoverable. I was offered a ticket to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world–all-expenses paid. I was given a chance to watch Lady Gaga (no thank you) and Nicki Minaj (no thank you) front row and center. My patience grew several inches. I was one of the first customers to sample the country’s first TWG branch where I had a mini tea tutorial. I gained so many new friends from my various endeavors. I’ve taken more responsibility at work. I’ve stopped harassing people for every little mistake (okay, this is a work in progress). I interviewed Sen. Miriam Santiago and shared jokes with her. I regained a more positive outlook of the future.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, professionally. What else could I possibly ask for? As for wants, well, they’ve always been supported by my needs–which can range from shallow to actual necessities (eg “I need these shoes for my image” or “I need food to survive.”)–anyway. Whatever wants I have I choose to get with, by, and for myself. I won’t burden other people with them (unless of course they want it for me, too!).

I believe in the good life, but not in excess. I’m not about to be all high and mighty because I do have hedonistic tendencies, but I’m grateful for everything that God chose for me this year. If I could ask him for something else (maybe next year because I’m already maxed out), it would probably be for more experiences, more chances, more lessons, more love (you can never have enough!), more–of life in general. Oh and a pony!

And if you can give that to me too, wrapped and ribboned and placed under our imaginary tree, then by all means. I thank you in advance!

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