My early Christmas bib necklace

Right now, I’m looking for the hidden Mickey! But not before leaving you something pretty!


Jason says it looks like a puzzle. It reminds me of one of my favorite things in the world, jell-o. I’ve been trying to make this type of necklace (using wire) for a while now, but it always ended up looking too sloppy. I realized when I made this that square-shaped beads work better than round ones. Too bad I didn’t have enough… I would’ve preferred to make something shaped like a detachable collar.


That chain has to go! I linked thin loops together and while I love the chunkiness, the wire is way to flimsy to carry the weight. I wore it at home a couple of times to test it, but it ends up breaking! Either I replace it with a thinner but sturdier one or it’s time to bust out the soldering gun and weld the loops shut. I’ve never tried the latter but I want to for practice. It’s a handy skill in this hobby. I can’t wear it/give it away until it’s absolutely perfect.

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