Everyone needs a hobby

Today in beadwork…

I was looking through our haul of materials for something to match the Teddy-Manuel-inspired “chandeliers” I made a few days ago. But when you have to sort through all of this:



You’re bound to change your mind about what you want to make! Forgive the less-than-amateurish photos. For some reason, there is absolutely no light directed on this side of our condo. Unless you know what you’re looking for, things can get difficult.


I found the swirl beads (they look like marbles!) first and based the palette on them. The flat petal-shapes beads have a pink-nude hombre finish while the giant round ones are carnations with white swirls. I discovered the wooden beads at the last minute. I needed something solid to tie everything together and I liked their sort of pinkish, sort of yellowish wash.


It’s a mix of textures too: there’s marble, plastic, and wood. The hardest part, surprisingly, was making that chain! We ran out of chain (well, ran out of the ones I liked) so I had to make my own by gingerly linking metal loops one by one. The metal was incredibly difficult to work with since they’re thick and smaller than usual and I needed something sturdy to carry the weight of the choker.


Yay! The finished product! I was in the mood to make more but since it’s been ages since we last made anything, we didn’t have any (functional) plastic strings left. 😦

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