Why We Broke Up

For those who know me (which is pretty much all the five people who read this blog), I’m not a fan of KFC. I find the chicken too oily and when you don’t appreciate their chicken, the whole KFC thing is lost on you. Every now and then (and because I have friends who really like the stuff), I give in. Admittedly, it’s great takeout food with reasonably fast service and with options that range from traditional (chicken meals, chicken sandwiches) to crazy (extreme hotshots, cheese top burger, double down).

I had already had lunch (at the insanely early hour of 9:30 a.m.) but when my officemates decided they wanted to eat out, I joined them. The power in my computer died and I didn’t exactly want to sit around in my dimmed cubicle for an hour. We made our way to the mall and they eventually opted for KFC. I resolutely told myself that I wouldn’t order except maybe a drink. The KFC in Robinson’s Pioneer is special. It has two floors and they have a register on both for convenience. The first floor was crowded we climbed up to the relatively less dense upper floor.

While my two colleagues were ordering, I looked up at the menu and of course there was no way I could NOT eat anything. Again, and I’m swallowing my pride here, no matter how rocky my relationship with KFC gets, their Belgian fries are undeniably delicious. I made my way to the line, waited a full five minutes for my turn and excitedly I told the cashier: “Isang snackbox please.” She rang up my order, but her face fell when I handed her a full P1,000 bill. The snackbox is P50.

“Sorry, miss, wala akong change,” I told her. I felt bad because she looked as though I’d told her her pet dog died. I expected another few minutes waiting for her to come up with the change but never in my wildest dreams could I predict what happened next. She looked at me sheepishly like she didn’t know what to do then asked her supervisor on her left: “Ma’am, may barya ba tayo?” The supervisor shook her head while the cashier handed me back my money. “Sorry ma’am.” I glared at her then stomped back to our table. They actually refused a potential diner?

I’m not a restaurateur but I know well enough not to deny a customer service no matter how small his/her order is–unless of course there’s some fungus growing inside the refrigerator. I find it impossible that a packed fastfood restaurant has no change, let alone P950 to give me. The guy beside me paid with the same denomination and his cashier didn’t give him any grief. It is NOT my job to look for petty cash nor is it my job to run to the neighboring store to beg for smaller bills.

I may be worth only P50 to this giant restaurant chain but this incident has shown me how little KFC thinks of their customers.

So I am sorry Colonel Sanders. I gave you a chance and you blew it.


This is my fourth bad-service experience with KFC. I once had to pay for an extra bottle of water because the cashier accidentally punched it in and when I called her on it, she replied with a “Ma’am, gusto niyo ng tubig.” I figured then that I might as well save her the scolding from her boss. But no more!

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