Pay or Play

It seems like everyone around me is either getting engaged or getting cheated on. Really, is there no stability in life anymore? Can’t we just be happily sandwiched in the middle without the pressure of commitment or adultery? (But in a toss-up, I’d like to take the former, Johnny.)

So in between looking at my friends’ engagement rings (all obligatorily posted on Facebook and Instagram) and reading up on Kristen Stewart’s dramatic indiscretion (it’s fascinating, really), an old high school friend popped out of nowhere to ask me for advice–literally! My Facebook chat panel suddenly dinged and there he was with a sad emoticon and a question. It was so heartbreaking that my immediate response was a default I-sympathize gesture: “:) -> Smile of encouragement! What’s wrong?”

Personally, I feel there’s no excuse for cheating. Insecure? Watch Tyra. Lonely? Find a friend–one that doesn’t require unnecessary cuddle and coddle. Deprived? Lock yourself in a room with a bunch of DVDs and take as long as you need. It takes 20 years to take back what was destroyed from 20 minutes of imprudence. And truthfully, I don’t think I can spare that much time. But again, and I can’t emphasize this enough, that’s me. Trust is something that I don’t ever want broken because Elmer’s can never glue it back together as effectively.

What’s hard about listening to someone talk about a relationship turning sour is how much you can hear the hurt in their voice. The fact that it radiates over the Internet reinforces how painful the situation is. What’s harder is how you can’t really tell them what to do and how to go about it. No matter what you say, the next step is still up to them and either way, they can float or sink. You just have to be prepared to throw the lifesaver and pull them back aboard.

So to my dear friend, I hope you’ll be happy with whatever you decide to do. Again it comes down to this: If you weren’t worth sticking around for, then is she? Because if she is, then by all means, fight for it. Good luck! 😀

One response to “Pay or Play

  1. I feel there’s no excuse for cheating too. That’s why I will have zero tolerance for it.

    Gumu-girl power 😀

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