Belated Happy Tuesdays: A mile in these shoes

When we became jasonandsasha

When my mom returned from Hong Kong early in 2009, she presented me with a pair of silver espadrilles that was, upon first sight, declared my new favorite footwear. This was a few months before the Toms and Sanuk explosion in the Philippines so allow me this moment to gloat: I’m a trendsetter.

Espadrilles are great for people like me who hate fuss, move around a lot, and are ready to go barefoot at a moment’s notice. The ones from JipiJapa were perfect for me because I love everything easy, convenient, and shiny! The material is soft supple leather painted in silver and side stitched to the sole. It’s lightweight and I love how the the undersides have spikes–good for movement! The fit? It hugs my foot like a sock! Not once did they give me a blister. Since it’s initial test run (a very busy school day), I knew it was meant to be and we decided to go everywhere together.

Carlos Celdran’s walking tour, Bohol, Tagaytay, Singapore

Someone commented that they looked really fragile. The material is thin and there’s really nothing much apart from the leather, the rubber sole, and the thread that held them together. I was afraid that they’d give up on me easily too but hearing him say it aloud pissed me off a little. Sana binulong niya na lang so that my JipiJapa’s feelings won’t be hurt. I don’t comment on your chunky sneakers so no smart cracks about my beautiful espadrilles. 🙂

They proved us wrong. My silver pair gave me nearly four years of loving loyal service in spite of abuse and fatigue. Late last year though I found a little rip on the side. Nothing a trip to Mr. Quickie couldn’t handle, but the paint was also already starting to chafe. They were 65 in shoe years, impending retirement, nakatungkod na. I couldn’t throw them away though. When it comes down to sentiment versus practicality, emotions usually win. My entire closet is, in fact, filled when ailing shoes (mostly heels) that have deteriorated from either disuse or exhaustion that I didn’t have the heart to dispose of. I’ve been meaning to bring them in for repair, but I’ve been busy with other stuff. Plus their rehabilitation would cost a fortune–as much as a few new pairs, actually.

Yep, that’s a hole.

Anyway, so while I’ve been nursing a newfound appreciation for Crocs (particularly gray Skylar, Marnie Holiday Sparkle, and Fuchsia-Lavender Adrina), my mom embarked in another one of her usual HK trips. When she came back yesterday, I only expected her to bring me the mini pancakes that I asked for. Unfortunately they ran out of stock so instead she presented me with a white shoe bag.

The silver JipiJapa espadrilles!!! Shiny and brand new! My feet haven’t forgotten what they felt like–comfy, reassuring, dependable. My toes are doing cartwheels now. This was such a sweet surprise from my mom that I felt compelled to take a photo.


I detest these hipster shoe shots (no offense Kuya War haha). Labo e. Who wants to look at the floor? But I feel these beauties rightly deserve necessary artistic photo preservation.

Oh shoesies, we’re going to have lots of adventures together!

One response to “Belated Happy Tuesdays: A mile in these shoes

  1. Cute cute!! 🙂 Jason + Sasha and the shoes! 🙂

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