Happy Tuesdays: Twisted Candy

Don’t sweat the small stuff. This is true but only in special, superficial circumstances that initially seem pertinent but, upon further contemplation, aren’t important at all. The line between “small stuff” and details is thin and sometimes invisible. But remember that there’s always beauty in the details. The hand-embroidered pattern on your chinoiserie; the maple syrup that makes pancakes a bigger treat; the A+ you got for your paper, the surprise P5 you unearthed from the deep recesses of your purse, the first kiss, the extra effort you made to show the people around you that they matter. Details, unlike the “small stuff” are the little moments that make up the bigger picture of life.


Even the slightest personal touch can make the world of difference and thankfully I’m all for personalizing. I’m the type of person who’ll go the extra mile, spend a little bit more just to have things custom-made and personally branded (which is why I love label makers). And if you’re crazy meticulous over the small things, just as myself, it reflects just how crazy particular you are over the grander scheme of things.

Last month I attended the relaunch of the Havaianas ❤ Missoni tie-up. The event was your run-of-the-mill brouhaha. The editorial assistant, Carla, and I barely paired attention to the presentation of flipflops before us as we became fixated with the basket of candy on our table. Bright, swirly, and colorful, they look like your ordinary after-dinner mints, but upon closer inspection, we noticed that “Missoni ❤ Havaianas” was written inside! The cool thing was that there weren’t made and printed on separately like M&Ms. These were tube-shaped candy sliced into bits with words that could only have been formed during the baking process (baking? how do you make candy anyway?). A minute detail that added a sweet charm.

After smuggling a few pieces of Missoni ❤ Havaianas candy, I told myself that I wanted some of them with my name and I’ve been looking for a supplier since. Alas, Twisted Candy! Twisted Candy is owned by my friend’s family. Custom candy makers, they can make anything from glittery lollipops to sweets with the Batman logo embedded inside. These adorable, kagigil, i-want-some-of-those-with-my-name-on-it candy that would give extra oomph to any celebration.

Life is awesome. If they can put words on thumb-tack-sized candy, paint Abraham Lincoln’s face on the head of a pin, then we can do anything.

Customized Twisted Candy requires a minimum order of five kilograms and fares about P5,000 (depending on design). Visit their website for more details.

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