Happy Tuesdays: Recycled pig bayong

In a flash of what could only be deemed as brilliant yesterday, I came up with “Happy Tuesdays.” Why Tuesdays? Well, ever since college, Tuesdays have been the longest day for me. One semester, I packed it with classes from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. In another sem, I had a 7:30 class followed by a 6 p.m. class! Tuesdays are painful. No matter how much you drag yourself out of bed on Monday, you still have that nice, after-weekend glow. Wednesday? Well, hump day means it’s half over and everything will be swift from there. Thursday is just a day away from Friday, and Friday means it’s the weekend!

Happy Tuesdays is my way to add a little cheer to the day that ages us about 10 years.


Yesterday we given yet another happy surprise from Oishi. Instead of the six (count them!) eight-foot tall boxes of treats that they gave us earlier this year, Oishi sent us two enormous bags full of Marty’s Chicharon and Porky Pops in various flavors.

Now, I would’ve been happy with the junkfood, really. But while I was trying to remember which flavors my mom wanted, I caught a glance at one of the bags! It was a pig! A cute fat pig face weaved with dozens of Oishi foil wrappers.

I’m a sucker for everything piggy and ecological. That’s the best kind!

What wrappers can you make out?

One response to “Happy Tuesdays: Recycled pig bayong

  1. you write really well! your magic mike post – comparing the movie to hepatitis c was funny!
    ..i love recycled materials as well. 🙂 hope you continue updating this blog. and have i said you’re a really engaging writer? God bless!

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