I’m famous!

Incidentally, I don’t like posting anything more than once everyday whether in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or WordPress, but I seem to be making all kinds of exceptions today. As of 11:13 today, I have posted around five things on FB, sent over 10 tweets, and blogged twice. I’m close to being a spammer, but who can resist when something like this happens?

I’ve been feeling only slightly crummy lately, but this cheered me up immensely! I was browsing through my feed looking for foodie discounts when a photo of Italianni’s new Four Seasons salad caught my eye and I thought, “Hey! It looks like one of mine!” Thankfully they appropriated credit otherwise I might scream bloody murder. That salad’s delicious, by the way, a smorgasbord of textures, flavors, and practically every salad ingredient you can find.

Lesson learned: There are always little sources of light amid great darkness. A little silver lining in everything.


To learn more about Italianni’s new dishes, check out my story here.

One response to “I’m famous!

  1. tiff of palate

    Hi! I would like to introduce Palate restaurant, a new upcoming restaurant on BGC. I would like to send you a private invitation 🙂 hope to have your response of your contact details soon. 🙂 thank you!

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