Deus Ex Machina

As a writer, I’ve always been hesitant to resort to Deus Ex Machina as a literary device. I have nothing against those who use it–and use it well. Case in point: The Hunger Games. But in my very humble opinion, it takes a great storyteller to spin it without making the plot seem too artificial.

These past few weeks, however,there were so many circumstances where I felt what I could only describe as the hand of God intervening in my little world and picking me up from hopeless situations. And in these situations, a little help out of nowhere doesn’t seem contrived at all. At the risk of sounding too Christian, it’s nice to believe that when times get rough, something–someone–will smooth things out for you, no matter what happens.

1. The Ian Somerhalder Press Con

As if meeting Ian Somerhalder wasn’t enough of a gift already! Anyway, I was very fortunate to receive an invite to the Smolder-hotter’s press conference at the Manila Peninsula on May 23. The invite said 3 p.m. This boded well for my schedule since I also had to attend a food-tasting session in nearby Greenbelt until around 1:30 p.m. After stuffing myself with a handful of Krazy Garlik’s 22 new dishes, I contemplated whether to just kill time at the mall or sit around the hotel. I opted for the latter. For sure people would be there early and I wanted to get a good seat.

Alas, when I arrived, the Conservatory was literally brimming with people. I found out that the press conference was at 2 p.m. I arrived at exactly 2:19 p.m. and for the first time in my life, I whispered a silent thanks that these things never start on time. I sat with some of my officemates who arrived a few minutes before me, not exactly at the back but far enough for those piercing eyes NOT to see me. Chalk this up to my obsessive habit of punctuality or to some form of Divine Intervention, but I’m just glad that I made it.

2. Bankruptcy

My salary combined with poor budget management always leaves me broke a week before the next paycheck arrives. By then I would carefully budget the meager remnants of my hard work, with nothing left for incidentals or other possible expenses. And of course, it’s never enough. By Friday last last week, I was so broke with only jingling contents of my coin purse reminding me that there was still one and half weeks left. Just as I was about to sink my head into my hands hoping to disappear, the office administrative assistant materialized at my side, waving a sheaf of papers. “Ayan na reimbursement mo,” she said, happily. Not quite as happy as the look of gratitude, surprise, and relief I gave her.

It’s not a million pesos, and my belt’s still worn so tight I could split cleanly into two, but for me it’s a very shiny silver lining in a time of great distress.

3. Does anyone want to buy a brand-new, 32-inch LED flatscreen television set?

Really, just when I started to believe that my balat sa pwet has left me cursed forever, I won something! For the first time in my life! So guys, if you know anyone looking for a TV set, please tell me. 😀


Here, for anyone who doesn’t believe that someone Divine exists:

I don’t mean Ian Somerhalder, obviously. But there’s sure to be someone up there making beautiful creatures. 😀

*Only slightly sabog

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