Here’s to you, kid

As a responsible Filipino, I’d love nothing more than to write a detailed analysis on the impeachment verdict, but this was never meant to be a political blog. As I writer, there’s no way I’m about to write anything I’m not completely comfortable about. My knowledge goes as far as my opinion on the matter and as someone on Facebook passionately disputed, mine, apparently, is severely flawed; maybe even corrupt, I don’t know (yes my first political comment in ages blew up in my face haha). What I know for sure is that we all have the freedom to vote whoever we want in office–whether it’s a morally upright genius, a manipulative but intelligent brat, or an honest and sincere ignorant. and in terms of politics, between the two of us, I’m the Lito Lapid. I sincerely hope that for your credibility’s sake you’ll vote for him in the next elections.

Now on to more Scotty-ish things:

This blog has been used mostly to document my thoughts on life–being broke, being not broke, gaining weight, losing weight, going places, coming home, dreams, hopes blah blah blah. Since I started, I’ve always pondered about Scott Stuart’s identity crisis, which, obviously, reflects my own inclination to do so many things in the shortest period of time. Lately though, any identity it has, divided or not, was lost. Dead. Killed under the weight of work and other things.

But now I’ve discovered a compromise. And of course it involves what I do on a daily basis; a happy marriage of my busy worklife and the sentiments and personality of this blog. I can hear Hannah Montana belting out “best of both worlds” in the background. I’ve been feeling like I want to float away again lately–so many things to do and annoyingly without the means to do them still– but I feel this will anchor me back. It’s a plan, at least. 🙂

One response to “Here’s to you, kid

  1. Yay glad to know you’re going to be blogging again! >:D<

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