Hey it’s you!

Hey stranger! Yes you! You’ve been left alone so long, it took me a full five minutes to bat the flies away. I’ve been positively busy, but now I think I can spare half an hour to give you a report on myself (haha) on the past two months. That I can compress 60 days of my life in 30 minutes is terribly pitiful…

Highlight 1:

Sixteen days until the Big Day and I am absolutely terrified. Early this week, Jason had a fever; everything he’s done the past year finally took a toll on him physically. It was bound to happen, and I’m very grateful that it happened now than in the weeks surrounding the Big Day. It’s tough, you know. There’s enormous weight on his shoulders and it’ll keep growing bigger and bigger until we receive  that anticipated e-mail–which won’t be for months. It’s tougher knowing how hard this is and you can’t help lighten the load. Not really, anyway. You can perform silly antics, surprise him with breakfast, massage his shoulders, but those are really just sneaky tactics that distract and delay. Oh well. God knows how to reward hard work. 😀

Highlight 2:

A lot has to be said about eating for a living. Literally and professionally. We eat to survive, but I pretty much eat for my the heck of it. Me eating is equivalent to a mound of paperwork for someone else. People misconstrue my job as fun and breezy. Well, let me tell you, eating is a cinch, but tasting is a different, difficult matter. I’m not complaining though; I’d rather stuff myself than wear blazers and fill out balance sheets everyday (no offense :D). It’s not exactly healthy to sleep every night with a bursting belly, especially when it’s loaded with pizza, pasta, burgers, bone marrow (!). Wala man lang fruit! My job sounds incredible, but the after-effects of over-eating aren’t desirable at all. Plus, you have to make sure every review, every write-up gives justice to what you just ate. Suffice to say, I have gained seven pounds and counting. 😦

Highlight 3:

Saturday, May 19, marks the first anniversary of my becoming an official SPOTter! Clap clap yay! My birthday is also right around the corner and I’m excited! So many many plans. So many things I want to do! 😀

3 responses to “Hey it’s you!

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