Gone With The Wind: The Land of Tara

Honestly, I think that I’m a traitor to my own generation. During reunions, I would always find myself at the grown-ups’ table–giving a curt nod to cousins my age all while fascinated at the talk of premature osteoporosis and crow’s feet. I’m an old soul trapped inside a 21-year-old body which could possibly explain my yearning for the vintage:

As promised, more GWTW posts.

Scarlett O’Hara, 16, telling her father that she loves Ashley Wilkes and intends to marry him.

I wish I was back in a time when people wore ball gowns while drinking tea with milk in the afternoon. Look at those intricate lace tiers. That pop of color. Hem the skirt up several inches, get rid of those pigtails, and maybe deflate that balloon skirt a bit and she’d fit right into the 21st century.

Vivien Leigh in her first dress in the hit film. Scarlett wore the gorgeous white and red tiered gown in the opening scene when she is courted by the Tarleton brothers–yes, both of them.

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