Feels like Whoville

Wound up in Mandaluyong City Hall for an assignment. 😀 It was an accidental find. 😀 The terrible photos are equally accidental.

I love looking at Christmas decor–the more elaborate, the better! Marveling at blinking lights with cheesy Jose Mari Chan songs in the background never fails to put me in a holiday mood. Christmas isn’t exactly my merriest season: my dad died around this time almost 18 years ago. It’s good to see little signs like overly ornate trees and embellished buildings to remind me that there’s always a reason to celebrate no matter what.

This year (and I’m guessing a year and a half more) it’s all about work. Even visiting these places. But it’s Christmas! It’s a time of joy, a time of peace, a time when hearts are then set free. So let’s heal the wounds of division because it’s a time of grace and hope! Thank you Jamie Rivera for teaching us this.

I find the tiger emblem a little weird; it’s like a logo for camphor .

It’s Christmas time in the city.

Siopaos the size of my face!

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