Away with hackers

On June 21, Facebook informed me that someone tried to log in using my account at 11 PM in Makati, Manila. I was a little shaken but I let it go, thinking it could have been one of my friends trying to stalk people through my Facebook. I did have some suspicions but in the interest of thinking positively, I just changed my password and crossed my fingers, hoping that crazed lunatics aren’t out there trying to plague Facebook.

Last Friday, however, Facebook sent me another similar notification: The alleged hacking attempt apparently happened earlier that day and once again in Makati, Manila. This time I had another clue: the “hacker” used Flipboard, an iPad app for social networking particularly Facebook. I’m 90 percent sure that this is the same person, but I have no idea what he or she could possibly want from my Facebook (piece of advice: try hacking my e-mail instead, but good luck with that).

Now let’s sit on our thinking chair and think:

1. Person lives in Makati (I used to think it was someone in Makati at that time but both “hackings” happened during odd hours so this one is definitely a Makati resident)

2. Person has an iPad

3. Person is so desperately bored with his/her life that he/she wants to invade mine.

Who do I know lives in Makati with an iPad and is slightly pitiable? I think I know who you are. Stop it, you’re pathetic. I feel terrible wasting the word “hacker” on you.

4 responses to “Away with hackers

  1. Noob. Haha. Maghahack na lang iPad pa.
    BTW, shameless plug: put me in your blogroll:

  2. I know right! I don’t know why rin!

    @blogroll part: Yup! I keep forgetting! i’ll do it now!


  4. May mga tao talagang walang magawa sa buhay. Hay. A very, very sad fact, indeed. Keep safe, Sasha! 🙂

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