Productivity x Meme

Between this post and my last, I’ve been: (1) watching Friends for 10 days; (2) procrastinating over my “highly pressured” article; (3) online Christmas shopping (really God, time would be a rad Christmas gift). So because I’m on a major writer dry spell, please allow me a few moments of MORE procrastination while I’m waiting for that flash inspiration (any time now) to… flash.

This is my first ever blog meme so go easy on me. It’s called the 30 Movie Meme and I just pretty much have to pick my best movie per given category. I may have cheated a bit. You’re supposed to answer swiftly as you go along but if I did that, Gone With The Wind would show up five times… so I had to make quite a few revisions.

1. The Best Movie You’ve Seen This Year

The formula’s pretty simple but I loved this so much that I watched it twice in the cinema. The pair-ups were so unexpected (Julianne Moore with Steve Carrell, Emma Stone with Ryan Gosling) yet their chemistry was incredible.

Runner-up: Super 8

2. The Most Underrated Movie

It kind of makes Gossip Girl seem like a muppet show.

3. A Movie That Makes You Really Happy

I like all things dysfunctional.

4. A Movie That Makes You Sad

First movie I’ve ever cried in. And now I’m a sap.

Runner up: Pursuit of Happyness

5. Favorite Love Story in A Film

It’s the cliched Romeo-Juliet, heaven-earth plot… but who cares? There’s a reason why that storyline works. John Travolta + lots of singing and dancing = love.

Runner up: Classic it is–Casablanca

6. Favorite Made For TV Movie

Off the top of my head, and just because I really can’t think of anything else.

7. The Most Surprising Plot Twist or Ending
Do I even have to explain? And Mischa Barton under the bed still gets me every time.

Runners up: Down With Love, Shutter Island

8. A Movie That You’ve Seen Countless Times

Runners up: Devil Wears Prada, Bring It On, She’s All That, and 10 Things I Hate About You

9. A Movie With The Best Soundtrack

Guiltily, I don’t really pay much attention to the soundtrack unless it’s really out there. So I’m going for the obvious.

10. Favorite Classic

Because I put Gone With The Wind in a separate category, I’d have to go with my second choice:

Surprised? It’s the complete opposite of GWTW but (1) I love horror films; (2) I love this particular horror film and it would make me sad not to put it her; (3) it’s a classic in every sense of the word. It was either this or Mary Poppins.

11. A Movie That Changed Your Opinion About Something

12. A Movie You Hate

Wannabe Goonies.

13. A Movie That is Guilty Pleasure

14. A Movie That No One Expected You To Love

15. A Character That You Can Relate To The Most

16. A Movie You Used To Love But Now Hate

17.  A Movie That Disappointed You The Most

Adapting something into a movie is a tricky business. There are the Greats (Chris Nolan’s Batman flicks), the Awesome (Jon Favreau’s Iron Man, Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, Sam Raimi’s first two Spiderman movies), the passable (Green Lantern, Spiderman 3), the awful (Superman Returns), and then this film.

18. A Movie You Wish More People Would See

19. Favorite Movie Adaptation From A Book or Comic

Sue me for cheating. This is a mini-series. hahaha

Or Up in the Air

20. Favorite Movie From Your Favorite Actor

21. Favorite Movie From Your Favorite Actress

I don’t have a favorite actress. But I have a lot of favorite actors: Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Gosling, and perfectly fitting for this case: Dustin Hoffman.

22. Favorite Action Movie

So not an action fan, but I love kung fu films… so…

23. Favorite Documentary

Does a biopic count as a documentary?

24. Favorite Animation

25. The Most Hilarious Film You’ve Seen

Or Superstar, Tropic Thunder, Blades of Glory

26. A Movie You Love But Everyone Else Hates

Hate is too strong a word… But I was the only one in my family who enjoyed it.

27. A Movie That You Wish You Saw At The Theater

Probably the best of all hockey-related fiction, this choice might come as a surprise (Clearly it fits better in so many other categories). But Mighty Ducks received unorthodox success: While it didn’t score so high in the theaters, it became one of the most awesome family movies of all time when it went to video. Weird. So yes, I would like to see (and appreciate) it on the big screen.

28. Favorite Movie From Your Favorite Director

29. Favorite Film From My Childhood

Runners up: My Girl, Little Rascals

30. Your Favorite Movie of All Time

4 responses to “Productivity x Meme

  1. I love Little Miss Sunshine, too! And natawa naman ako sa Elle Woods reference. HAHA

  2. I pretty much love this whole list of movies! I didn’t know anyone else read Ken Follett. World Without End is probably my fave, and I can’t wait until the miniseries adaptation comes out

    • Thea! How are you! I didn’t expect to hear from you! I love your outfit posts! I love Ken Follet; it’s nice to meet another fan! I really hated Ralph in World Without End so Pillars still does it for me!

  3. I love this post, Sasha! Not bad for your “first ever blog meme.” Not bad at all.

    Anyway, my sisters are big fans of Ken Follet! They’ve practically read almost all of his books… As for me, we’ll see. Enlighten me? Haha!

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