Murphy Brown

I almost thought I’d broken my balat sa pwet curse. Almost. I managed to last a week without any disastrous “WTF-my-life-is-a-sitcom” moments. There I was, feeling like a sober Lindsay Lohan in the close-to-horrible flick Just My Luck.  Mentally, I was  resting on a chaise, legs propped up, and sipping an iced tea. But I should have known that the temporary period of semi-sanity was a mere precursor to another, crazier crisis.

Jason and I (and you know that by that, I mean ME) decided that the way to go with Christmas presents this year was to be fun and functional. Useful but a touch whimsical and definitely un-boring. During this mission, I saw a raincoat online that I thought would be perfect for my three-year-old nephew–it was green, his favorite color, and when worn, it looks like a frog. I bought it almost instantly and opted to pay via deposit in Banco de Oro.

That was no problem. I remember seeing a BDO in the mall beside my office. I planned it out in the most efficient way: my bank, Robinson’s Bank, has an ATM machine in the same mall. I would withdraw the money then deposit it. Easy and minus the inter-bank charges. But my peripheral vision failed me–it wasn’t a bank branch but a mere BDO ATM machine (yes, you may throw the tomatoes now). Trying to make the most out of the situation, I decided to just withdraw the money then deposit it elsewhere. But of course I forgot my ATM card in the office. Of course. Duh.

I went back up to work. After lunch, I crossed the street to the nearest (and actual) BDO branch. I went in, filled out the forms, but then I remembered I forgot to get my money. I opened my wallet hoping I had enough. My cash was a measly P10 short! Oh the lack of lucky stars! I hastily went out to the BDO ATM machine. Offline. I jogged a block to the adjacent BPI. Offline. With no other banks available, I just crossed the busy Pioneer Street back to the Metrobank ATM at our building. Fortunately, that was working just fine. Finally. When I finished the transaction, the BDO ATM was once again fully operational.

If I were in HP, I’d be Ron; if I were a friend, I’d be Phoebe; if I were a law, I’d be Murphy. But at least I got the raincoat. And after less than a day. Swift delivery, there’s my silver lining.

One response to “Murphy Brown

  1. Awww sasha your blog was so vivid enough i sorta was laughing the whole time while feeling sorryyyyy :(( Huuuugs! At least you got the cute raincoat! Your effortless humor never fails me! Miss you!

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