Tips and Lips

First things first: Steve Jobs (1955-2011). I’m not an Apple fan. I’ve had only two Apple products in my entire life–my two iPads. But I do know that today is a sad day for technology :(. At least he inspired and motivated us when he lived. I can’t say a lot about him since everything I know was based on a set of photos LIFE compiled about the week he resigned as Apple CEO.

On to the more shallows things:

Last month, my friend Monique informed me that the company she works for (Stanhome World, it’s like a European Avon) was having some kind of sale. Their 300-peso lipsticks were going for P50, among other ridiculously cheap merchandise. Because I’ve tried and actually liked the DBS line, and this really was a once-in-a-lifetime-cheap-lipstick experience, I went crazy and bought every shade available. In no particular order: The Vamp, Hint of Pink, Chestnut, Pink Mauve, Delicious Red, Raspberry Wine, Barely There, and Pink Pout. The two cropped lipsticks in the photo are both L’Oreal. I’m more of a wash-and-go type of person so four weeks after my bout of lipstick craze, I can happily say that I have used a grand total of…. ONE (Chestnut, twice). 😀

Actually, I realized they weren’t as subtle as I thought they would be. Nice and rich colors look great on the catalogue (and on someone else) but I think they don’t really work well with my happy-go-lucky personality and my complete lack of femininity. Hahaha. Still, it’s nice to have them for those rare “kikay (I hate this word)” moments.

*The top photo is a collection of nail polish (Tony Moly and Skin Food) from my lovely and generous sister, Sabrina. Again, very very BRIGHT colors. CANNOT PULL OFF.

**Procrastinating. But I’m almost done with my article, anyway. I JUST HAVE TO REWRITE EVERYTHING. (I stupidly left all my notes at the restaurant my friends and I ate in last night.) I wrote them in longhand, like I always do, so no getting them back. Haaaay.

2 responses to “Tips and Lips

  1. Haaaay makeup. Something that still eludes my daily routine except on really special occasions. Pero if I had been tothat sale, I would have done the same thing haha!

    On an unrelated note, we should really meet up again sometime! 😀

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