Mischief Makers Party Planners

Of the twelve people I’m closest to, it’s my eldest sister who fully understands my dearest ambition to become the next Martha Stewart–largely because a part of her shares that ambition (for herself) as well. That journey (minus the tax evasion case, of course), however, isn’t always lucrative and I still have to earn a living. While waiting (and saving up for my own sewing machine) for that ship to launch, I just have to content myself with living off my more-talented, more-endowed, more creative Achi who’s well on her way towards that direction.

Not only is she creating her own innovative, fun products, she’s also a budding Preston Bailey, having organized events from weddings, birthdays, showers, and et cetera. And because she has more motivation than the rest of us mere mortals combined (plus uncontainable skillz that are just bursting to be shared), she tapped my brother and another friend to open their very own party-planning firm, Mischief Makers. They’re changing the playing field because they’re ridiculously AFFORDABLE thus separating them from most extortionists in the same field. The warm and vibrant ambiance so distinctive in their projects comes free with everything else.

Since they do almost everything from scratch, every one of their events is finished off with a rustic quirky touch which I think makes their work a shade more personal–and isn’t that what parties are for? Because I’ve known them my entire life, I can personally attest that they’re (usually) very organized–compared to other event organizers I’ve encountered in the past.*

Click on the photo for more information.

There are so many things I’m no longer able to do because of my full schedule. I miss dancing, making jewelry, sewing, SHOPPING (okay, ito dahil short lang talaga ako pero isama na rin natin). Hope I can help out with Mischief Makers when I’m not busy! (What a dream) ❤


*Yes I’m talking about C.O.T. who blamed me, the innocent bridesmaid, for her incompetence at organization.

One response to “Mischief Makers Party Planners

  1. I LOVE THEIR LOGO! Cute ❤

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