Rachel Berry said it perfectly

A quick sneaky-sneak post before I write about potato chips (again, part of my job).

In my commitment to update this blog more, I’m aware that I’ve resorted to lame-o, superficial posts about the daily grind. No matter. Once I get my affairs in order, let’s try to fix that.

So. In my new mission to be more organized, I decided to organize this post into three digestible categories for easier comprehension and to alleviate confusion and misinterpretation.

For today’s commentary, let’s talk about… TEXTING–once thought to be the greatest way to extend communication since paper-cups and string has finally reared its great ugly head yesterday. Texting, for all its supposed benefits, essentially just demeans the precise art of conversation. How to translate thought, reason, and most especially emotion in 160 characters (or less) is a challenge so impossible that the only thing more stupid than to attempt this is people who actually believe it can be done–effectively anyway. As a firm advocate of this communicative medium, let me be the first to say that there are limits to using alphanumeric shortcuts to get points across.

Today’s reflection ushers in the importance of my chosen title: Rachel Berry said it perfectly. And because there’s no better way of expressing it, let me now introduce the day’s soundtrack “Get It Right” c/o of Glee’s prima star:

Now isn’t that always the way? You go Rachel Berry!

And the last but definitely most important point in our agenda, the day’s cryptic kalabuan:

I’m trying to be completely optimistic about this (and after the office guard greeted me a cheery ‘Good Morning!’ when I arrived at work today, I can happily say that I’m succeeding) but every day I feel like I want to float away. The strength I have left is just enough for me to either let go and or to stay, hanging only by my pinkie finger. Like what you want. Like what you always wanted.


Have a great week everyone. Cheery-o!

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