I am no longer straight

Well, starting tomorrow that is.

Riza and I haven’t admitted our lesbian love affair–yet. But come tomorrow, we’re taking an equally gigantic step: giving up our boring straight roots for a sexy set of–curls! We’ve been planning this for months but I only recently got a benefactor to sponsor my need for such needless superficiality so… tomorrow it is.

My cousin’s wedding: July 17, 2011

Graduation: March 2010

I always go the curly route every time there’s a special occasion just because it’s well outside my range of “normalcy.” The few times you glam up, might as well go all the way, I always say.

I was born with curls but it straightened up as I got older. Nowadays, I usually just finger-comb my hair, giving it this strange yaya-esque wave which I think suits my harassed personality. I just let nature deal with it so I allow my hair to fall naturally–the way it looks when I wake up every the morning.

Getting a perm may be the biggest shallow decision I’ve made in my life (closely followed by stealing my dichi’s moisturizer instead of my sachi’s). For one, it’s not cheap. So so not cheap. I usually just waste money having my hair colored; even my hair-cuts fall way below the P500 price tag. Spending so much money on dead cells seems a little steep when there are more important things to pay for.

Secondly, if I don’t like how it turns out, I have to live with it until it unfurls. No way am I wasting more cash just washing it out. (And it’s someone else’s hard-earned money at that.) Third, it’s a lot more high-maintenance–a term that does not suit well for me. So hopefully hopefully, this instills a little hair-grooming discipline.

It’s Rizzie’s second time to have a perm. I watched all four hours of her hair curling two years ago.

Teh, mayo kang matinong picture ay!

Good luck to us! Hope our small jabs at superficiality work out well!

2 responses to “I am no longer straight

  1. I’ve been wanting to get my hair curled as well but it’s still too short in some places! My hairstyle right now is just baffling so i’m hoping curls would make it look better.

    Good luck with your (and also Riza’s) perms! 🙂

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