Growing up and being 21

So if it makes any difference to you, I am now 21 years old. I have been for exactly 15 days. I’m still waiting for that anticipated surge of “adulthoodmentation” (or something like it) to confirm that I am officially a grown up. Nothing so far but I’ve always been a late bloomer. The only thing noticeably different is that I hesitate when saying how old I am, forgetting for a moment that I was 20 16 long days ago. Ah, the complexities of growing up–so difficult to get used to.

So here’s my very belated birthday post:

When rock stars turn 21, they throw a big wild bash celebrating everything that they managed to live without the past score but will probably remain dependent on the rest of their lives. On my 21st birthday, I stayed indoors. God gifted me with unyielding rain which stretched till the next two days. It was a good sign, I think; everything looked astonishingly new and clean after. I meant it as God’s way of telling me that once again, I could start anew.

And so my birthday came and went. Before we knew it, it was June 26–some other lucky person’s birthday. No one I knew so I didn’t really pay much attention. I woke up late–to a text message of Jason announcing he was at my house and that we were going to miss church. Trusting the fact that God loves me unconditionally, I brushed my teeth, pulled on the first dress I saw , and grabbed my go-to im-friggin-late shoes. Unshowered and poorly dressed, I was set to greet the day. Someone else’s birthday.

Just outside the door, Jason was wearing a smug grin. In one hand, he had a blue rag; in the other was a perfectly plump red rose. I was absolutely clueless until he asked me to wear the rag as a blindfold. Forgetting concerns of hygiene, I obliged; ripples of excitement went off in my tummy. After circling me around a few times, he led me to the garage. I removed the blindfold and in a burst of shiny confetti, I saw my dearest friends–from childhood buds, siblings, and college pals. Everything was a blur of pearly teeth and yellow balloons. They were also carrying signs which I immediately assumed to have all read “Happy Birthday.”

Here I am trying to cover my hideous,unshowered face

After all the hugging and gasping, someone said “We’re going to EK,” I finally registered that one of the signs said “Let’s Go To Ek.” Still struck dumb with shock and happiness, I asked stupidly: “What about Mass?”

Jason has always been charming. But outwardly sweet gestures are usually reserved and evenly spaced out throughout the year. But since he has this mysterious way to make little things seem special, more often than now, that special skill works even better with bigger things like this.


More EK details in the next post. It has been a hectic month.

2 responses to “Growing up and being 21

  1. so did you go to EK without showering?

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