If you could…

If you could go back and change one thing, would you?

Isn’t he adorable? 15-monthsiversary lunch at Spirals, Sofitel. I’m very lucky.

I would definitely NOT drop the gigantic deliciously grilled lobster.


Hello blog! Remember me? Your owner? Incidentally, I just saw a photo of Larry the Lobster today, warping me back to when his cooked brother regretfully slipped off my heavy plate.


I feel absolutely terrible that I haven’t been updating as often that I thought I would. I have a slew of unfinished entries just screaming for closure here and in my trusty padpad2 but the thoughts have gone stale. Usually, I’d find a few minutes to spare, start writing, but once again be happily confronted with a mountain of work. But since it’s Friday, I thought I’d give it another shot–I had to do a little something a few seconds ago but that’s done so here goes…

I’ve never been so busy in my life! At work, I’m constantly typing, writing, researching, Tweeting (yes, this is work). At home, my fingers are still usually punching keys on the laptop, studying up on current events, or figuring out why Cesar Montano is hot (again, part of the job description). In between, I would be furiously typing on my phone, picking up stray ideas and digitizing them for future reference. My brain continues to roll until the far far point when I’m rendered unconscious by sheer exhaustion–only to wake up again seven hours later.

It’s amazing–there’s no time to loiter, no time to fester, no time for every useless, recreational thing I managed to do in my old job (I miss my friends, BTW). The highs and the lows. With the reward of a functioning brain, however, comes so many days when I just feel totally incompetent–unsure of what to do, clueless, critiqued–but again, no free moment to sulk. In between articles, I marvel at the fact that I’m REALLY receiving points for improvement–a wonderful reminder that there’s still so much to be done, a lot more distance to cover, more to achieve, and that someone’s actually interested enough to help me get there. Now isn’t that what life is about? But capsuled in my little 5×3 cubicle?

2 responses to “If you could…

  1. I read this at the right time! I had a brief period of frustration with work hahaha but I’m learning to love it, slowly :p

    Hi Sasha 🙂 Great to know you’re happy with work! Are you still at Summit? 🙂

  2. Yup! I am. Incredibly busy but so much happier than I was before in my old job. 😀 😀 we all get those days, it’s how we choose to get past them that matters 😀

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