Public Service Announcement

Lessons from roadkill:

1. When crossing the street, take your headphone, earphones off. Hear that old man from yesterday? Take them off!!! I honked three times and it probably literally felt like music to your ears.

2. When the swerving car is literally an inch from yours, stop moving! Stop it!

3. Don’t just jump off to the street when a truck or even just a gigantic car is obscuring you from the sidewalk! It’s madness!

4. Just because you’re a barkada, doesn’t mean you have to always walk along the street side by side like characters of an afternoon drama or One Tree Hill! Move along, and stay in the sidewalk! Yes I’m talking to the Koreans of My Place.

5. Don’t talk to each other from across the street–why God invented cellphones, telephones, instant messaging, and PEDESTRIAN LANES.

6. Take the drama inside. Fighting couples, don’t do it while crossing a road full of busy cars with disgruntled, tired and impatient drivers.

7. When the light is green, don’t cross the road! This one’s obvious enough unless you’re colorblind.

8. Barricades are there for a reason, don’t climb over them to get to the other side!

Just a friendly reminder from your concerned citizen. ❤

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