I stopped two butterflies from populating

This may be my most scandalous entry yet.

In the grand tradition of Sundays, Jason walked me to the car after Mass. Same old, same old. But before I opened the door, I saw a browned leaf stuck at the bottom of the window. It was in such an odd shape that I paused, looked at Jason, then ogled at the magnificent formation in front of me.

Let me just keep it short–the leaf/leaves was/were shaped like two butterflies mating. Like this:

Photo by ME

Only they were dried leaves.

Only they were dried leaves that looked like dried up dead butterflies.

Only they were smaller than my fingernail, hence compromising my vision greatly.

So in the interest, and the greater interest, of keeping the car spankin’ clean, I took out the car keys and pried off the dead leaves. One of them flew away, while a larger part, now more obviously butterfly-shaped, stayed–assumingly disgruntled at the interruption.

Surprise surprise, they WERE butterflies, they WERE doing the deed. They still looked like dried leaves. How sweet yet serendipitous is it for two butterflies that look like dead leaves to find each other?


It made me feel bad because butterflies aren’t like dolphins or humans who can just go about these things when they feel like it. Butterflies (and moths), according to a lecture in Bohol, can only do it once in their seven-day lifespan. Once for eight hours straight, lay hundreds of eggs 60 minutes later, then go to butterfly heaven–happy, fulfilled.

The fate of hundreds of butterflies rested on the car–and I singlehandedly pried them all off with my car keys.

So much opportunity wasted. 

Jason gave me a disappointed face.

P.S. Sabaw/distracted/watching Bb. Pilipinas

One response to “I stopped two butterflies from populating

  1. And you drove off with the female too! So the male definitely lost his lover!

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