I almost ran over a cat yesterday

I hate cats. When they rub their rough fur on my leg, I get chills; when I hear them meow, the hairs on my back creep up; when they look at me, I have the strong compulsion to run away.

By no means did this translate into my choice of television shows though. Included in my top 10 favorite kiddie programs are definitely “Swat Cats,” “Top Cat” and “Felix the Cat.” But cartoons are harmless. The reals ones–now that’s petrifying.

Yesterday after work, I was semi-rushing to go home. I needed to text Jason and my feet hurt plus, I wanted to watch something on iPidPad. So in my semi-mad-rush, I was vaguely unaware that a cat had sought refuge in the middle of the road. When I finally saw it, I wasn’t sure if I could brake in time–I honked my horn, blinked my lights (despite remembering that Jason told me lights won’t do any good since cats have purely night vision).

As much as I hated the pesky creatures, I didn’t want to add “animal murderer” in my list of sins. I’ve seen flattened, crushed, mushy, broken cats on the road and they’re not a pleasant sight.

As I tried to give the cat penance before it took the expressway to kitty heaven, finally, it stretched and dodged. I slowed down, let out 10 pounds worth of air and drove on.

Some guy on the sidewalk gave me a dirty look as though I produced roadkill that made him sick. And there I was thinking I was a hero, giving this cat a 10th life.

Back home, the black cat that lurks around our compound gave me a fierce look, as if it could sense what I had almost done. I ran from it just before it could walk across me, cursing the rest of my day.

Too bad real cats will never be as cool.

T-Bone looks like my cousin

BESTEST show in Cartoon Network EVER!

Felix the Cat was my absolute favorite show when I was in Grade 3, especially since it aired during lunch hour when I’d impatiently wait for my sisters’ to get ready. Besides, my Grade 3 crush loved it back then–I can’t tell if that was what made him appealing or vice versa.

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