Cebu Cebu!

I’ve been to Cebu a few times–I have relatives there and I’ve been sent there on occasion for work. This is one place where I actually look for the CITY. I don’t wander around looking for fresh air or statues. I take in the wonderful Cebuano culture, eat their calorie-UNconscious lechon spiked with lots of salt and hope that bits of that blushing Cebuana beauty would rub off on me.

Needless to say, because Jason is a Cebu noob, we had to go through all the monuments all over again, which is fine. I barely have photos of those sights I don’t even have proof that I’ve actually been there some years back.

The Taoist Temple in–wait for it–Beverly Hills, Cebu. When I went here four years ago, they weren’t as strict. Now they were critical of every little move. I was taking a photo of Jason when it just so happened that the altar was in the background (and I didn’t even realize it), the guard waved his hand in front of the camera; when my mom was standing on a corner waiting for us for about 10 seconds, she was accused of loitering. If they’re reprimanding everyone for every little thing, why bother opening it to the public?

The perfect proposal spot but oh so hard to take a good photo of that beautiful Cebu skyline. 😦 The view is absolutely breathtaking. The entrance fee is P100 for unlimited stay but of course, there’s really not much to do. There’s a little cafe and lots of seating space (like those little cave-like structures). It’s a pretty steep, though rather fair, price for just viewing rights of Cebu at its prettiest.

Sto. Niño Church. Right outside is Magellan’s Cross encased in a cross-shaped wooden container. So much for seeing it.


Tomorrow: Bantayan Island (c/o Jason Mariposa Photography since mine sucked)

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