I think managed to touch the Holy Grail of Inquirer Lifestyle last Sunday. I think.

I usually get published in 2bU or in Tuesday’s Health and Wellness. I’ve been on Beauty once for my Hayden Kho, doctor-turned-celebrity-turned-media-sensation-turned-perfumer, article. But Sunday has always eluded me. It’s the thickest day of the week, the most-bought issue, the most read. So, it’s just fitting that the most capable (or simply just the most appealing) are published.

Sunday is the heaven of all runners that run in pink. And I was very fortunate enough to have three stories in last Sunday’s issue, one even said “Text and photos by Sasha Lim Uy.” Whoever knew that could happen? Certainly not me. Photos by Sasha Lim Uy doesn’t really sound as natural as Photos by Jason Mariposa or Photos by Mark Tiu.

But this crazy spread wasn’t the end of it. I am really incredibly blessed. In a surreal twist, my editor called me to her desk. Now, this may seem normal for some people but I’m at work for nine++ hours, five hours of that is dedicated to ducking behind my desk, for fear that I made a crucial mistake that jeopardized the integrity of the newspaper.

So, I buried my hands in pocket, scurried my way to my boss, took a deep breath and prepared for some whipping…

But first let me make it clear: My boss is great. She’s perfect for the job; she has the right amount of strictness, concern, friendliness, coolness and just a touch of motherliness. In her own way, she’s very Miranda Priestly (they even kind of talk the same too) only she doesn’t treat the people under her like cattle. But like the Runway goddess, she has that level of intimidation that warrants both respect and maybe a little fear.

…then she said, pointing at my story she was editing, “what does this refer to?” I led her to the preceding paragraph and explained the connection. She nodded and I scuffled back to my chair. Then she said “Maganda ang article mo. Good descriptions. This is the way to write.” I don’t think anyone else heard it. My ears were opened extra wide just in case she had some comments for me to consider in my next assignment. A compliment, which she doesn’t hand out easily, was the last thing I expected especially for an article I was so uncertain about. (I made a little experiment by changing up my style.)

My mouth was open for a tenth of a second before I realized that I had some more work to do for my Sunday Shopwise supplement (third story and layout).

For a second I was gratified but then the pressure is on.

One response to “Sundays

  1. I’m so proud of my baby!

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