As clear as the nose on her face

This wasn’t my first attempt to blog.

Back in the stone age, I scratched my stories on cave walls with a sharp wooden stake. Then I discovered the wonders of papyrus and lemon ink and its apparent ease when it comes to chronicling. That was quickly surpassed though by the smoothness of paper and pens.

Even in the digital age, I started preserving my childish rants on Friendster, the anxieties of my life on Multiply, the dramas were reserved on Livejournal. The serious, we-should-care! stuff was saved in Blogspot and my quirky attitude on WordPress. Two WordPresses, actually.  The first blog has been inactive since August on 2009, around the time I opened this one and decided that to put some semblance of order in my otherwise complicated life, I needed focus. Focus began with organizing my memories and Precious Blog was the obvious winner.

But I wouldn’t be me if I could control myself. I also opened two Tumblr accounts, one for cutesy reblogging purposes, and the other I opened with my best friend to chronicle our bloated fate.

But just as I thought my stories on wood and cyberspace would quickly be forgotten, I was wrong. Interestingly enough, my neglected ol’ WordPress is still quite active with its own reader base, even after I left it. I had unwittingly written one controversial entry (which I actually reposted and rewrote here) that continues to breath life into old sashimi0718. It even has more comments than all of Precious Blog combined!

There are jeers, cheers, disinterest, even cosmetic surgery advice coming at me, and yes, I approved all comments for accountability purposes. But despite such adversity to my innocent observation (hello, I was the biggest fan of “Tayong Dalawa”), I still firmly believe with my heart of hearts that some tweaking has been done to brighten her initially lackluster star. And now, she’s finally the brightest of them all (Let’s not forget the tremendous part Gerald Anderson played in that leap from watt to mega-watt.

C’mon! It’s as clear as the nose on her face!



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