I love you @@

No, this isn’t me taking the complicated road to Jejedom.My life is simple… free of fr!Llz.

My officemates Cake, Yayen, Rachel and I were talking about most annoying Facebook status messages. For me it’s the blatant display of self-promotion all over my feed. In this day and age where all that is required for PR is good wifi and dazzling photos of yourself via social networking sites–it’s fine, not to mention cheap and very direct. I for one have utmost respect for my fashion blogger friends who have successfully made waves in the wide ocean of the internet. I pat their backs at the terrific job they did marketing themselves online. What I don’t like is self-promotion bordering on… bragging–publicizing what you have, what you want, what you don’t have but will eventually get because well, you can and you want everyone to know. There’s really no class in showing off unlimited wealth in Facebook but I do wonder how rewarding oohs, aahs and wows are. You shouldn’t be ashamed of privilege but how you flaunt it is a different matter. I have blocked many a flaunter off my feed just so I would be free from such shameless displays, hence avoiding the sin of judgment.

For Yayen it’s the “I love you” wall post exchanges between couples, thus inspiring my current Facebook status “I love you @Yayen Sulit and @Cake Evangelista.” It could just be bitterness on Yayen’s part (HAHAHA, peace! 😀 :D) but too much public display of affection is painfully sweet. We can’t swallow it. That got me thinking: Do Jason and I bombard our poor friends with sweet posts of nothing? Thanks to the trusty “See Friendship” tool, I was able to review our exchanges.

It’s mostly like this. A heart every now and then, messages of encouragement–I think we’re bordering dangerously close on the grounds of mushiness but at least we’re not there yet. Love is meaningful and private, if you’re publicly passionate about each other, go for it, as long as you don’t bother people.

For Cake it’s Liking one’s own posts and statuses. I share this sentiment. Patting ourselves on the back does not make sense unless we’re just really on the brink of a meltdown.

Rachel has no Facebook which means she bests all of us.

Oh Facebook, you give us such joy. A contributor to our over-inflated heads.

One response to “I love you @@

  1. I feel so much joy that I merit a tag in your blog.

    Hi Sasha! I love ya, too!

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