Hearts’ Day!

When we found ourselves with a camera, a conjoined twins’ costume, face crayons and a whole lot of boredom, we also discovered a crazy new habit of taking vain, occasion-themed photos of ourselves. We’ve done Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s. Last Valentine’s Day though, we went very bare bones (Can you say lazy?) and just did propless, on location shoots in very romantic black and white.

Everyday is a struggle not to kill each other but as we drop the guns and knives, we also gain an extra inch of fortification for a lasting relationship we’re building.


To make up for our laziness, we did another shoot. The other half featured our amazing little friend, my adorable nephew Peyton. We didn’t exactly have time to dress him up in a huge heart or something but his bare appeal needs no elaboration anyway. He is such a boy wonder (he said his first word at five months and he hasn’t shut his trap since; he’s two and a half now).

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