I left my heart in Bicol

It’s sort of heartbreaking to return to the place where you grow up, which you love and loves you back, and not visit home. I had to attend a festival in a nearby city and all my plans to visit Naga were foiled due to bad planning and lack of sleep.

So, for the first half of my trip, that’s what I did–grumble about bad planning and slept for an entire day. I also asked myself why I’ve never stepped foot in Iriga, after living in Naga for 16 years, being only 30 minutes away. It didn’t take me a long time to figure out why.

Iriga is, in one word, sweet. The neighborhood is small and the people are friendly. It has this odd sense of coziness and familiarity that’s found in every province unlike Manila where strangers treat strangers like dirt. It’s difficult to get lost and they have their basic necessities in check. No peeing in some random hole. The problem was, it’s like Naga’s little sister–the insecure kid who looks up to her big sister in almost religious adoration. Iriga is John Tucker’s curly-haired anonymous kid brother.

But I still had a lot of fun. I couldn’t have Naga but I had Naga 1.0. As much as I love the “city,” I miss attending fiestas, waiting impatiently for majorettes in their short swirly skirts, and having no school for one random week to make room for the festivities!

I wanted the Tilapia float to win but I guessed they docked points off for accuracy. It looks like Flounder (as in Ariel’s friend).

*Photos stolen from my cousin’s facebook.

Also, I hated how Jason had to miss the festival. He loves all things shiny, colorful and photographable.

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