Counting the minutes…

…to 11 o clock.

One of the major things I dislike about work, apart from how I practically have frostbite from the cold, is that I have to stick around even when work is done. I’m probably the only one in our entire office whose neck is permanently angled to the clock. Going home at 10 was easily tolerable because by the time I’d actually reach my house an hour later, everyone’s usually still awake; granted they’re about to tuck themselves in but there are some things we have to deal with working in a job that runs on odd hours. At least then I’d be able to say “Night!” But 11!?! Everyone’s asleep as soon as I get home! I was telling my mom a few days ago how I haven’t seen my sister in days–and we live in the same house! Isn’t that depressing? And in some way dysfunctional? This morning was the first time I saw her (with her eyes wide open and talking) in days! I woke up way early (11:30 a.m.) and caught her for a few minutes before I left for work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m lucky I even have this job, amid the hundreds who are un- and under-employed. Sometimes we just can’t help but complain, forgetting for a moment how lucky we are. I’m just having one of those.

…til Monday

Glee! As time progresses, the story regresses but I don’t really care. No song’s a hit if it wasn’t covered in Glee. And more importantly, it helps improve my elementary music vocabulary.

I used to watch it for Jane Lynch whom God personally handed the talent to ad lib. She has the best quotable lines we’ll be repeating for decades. Unfortunately, her story’s getting a little old; I mean, how many times do we have to see Sue repent? The lack of storyline makes it harder for them to transform Sue into an actually nice person since they’d have no story left. Even Kurt’s angsty, no-one-understands-me act is getting tired.

…til Tuesday

I know I just had my day-off yesterday so I should really feel bad about being so lazy and spending my lethargy impatiently anticipating my other “rest day.” This Tuesday is different though since it’s a “Peyton Day” and I haven’t seen him in like, a month. Even if I just keep teasing him and ordering him around (no one tell Bantay Bantay, please!), I love that little monster to bits!

Isn’t he adorable? 🙂

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