Happy Birthday Jason!

What sucks about January is also the very best thing about it–there are so many celebrations! Celebration = gifts = spending = broke. Celebrations multiplied by five means bankruptcy! There’s Ken’s birthday, Riza’s birthday, our anniversary, Jason’s birthday, Ross’ birthday. There are actually more events than I realized but then these are the top-tier ones so let’s focus on that.

Jason’s 24th is actually the third time I’m celebrating with him and the second time where he wasn’t a complete stranger.

On his 22nd birthday, the GUIDON EB ’09 invited some of the org members to a dinner at Shakey’s. I don’t think a lot of people knew it was Jason’s birthday (yes, including me) especially since he wasn’t exactly the sharing type. Anne, Raymond, Dominic and I decided we wanted Teriyaki Boy instead, so we pulled away from the rest and just followed them for dessert. As I bit into the unlimited Shakey’s ice cream, Francis Monfort asked for the bill (to be splitted equally among those six tables, except for the ones extravagant enough to order iced tea instead of tap water), the waiter informed him, and the whole table, that it was already paid for. Apparently Jason, in his silent ways, surreptitiously went up to the counter to foot the whole charge while everyone was busy eating, frolicking and pretty much just ignoring him. Unfortunately our craving for icky raw food exempted us from the treat of a lifetime. I still can’t get over that but wasn’t it quite sweet? He wasn’t especially close to any of us yet yet he chose to celebrate with us.

Last year, Jason asked his generous parents for a Heat birthday dinner. Heat in Edsa Shangri-La is known for it’s abundant supply of all-you-can-eat food in a cozy, semi-fine dining experience. Unfortunately, I’m known as a waste in all-you-can-eat buffets. I’m a trucker-style eater–I like my meat, my rice; one kind of viand, maybe a clear soup, and some carbs; giant pizzas–those are my ideas of the perfect meal. The taste-test type, finger-food on fancy dishes Heat offers does not particularly appeal to me. Plus it’s mostly very oriental, which again, lowers its level of appeal. Suffice to say, I disappointed my eating record that night. And I couldn’t very well show Jason’s family that I was a girl with a wrestler’s appetite, nope, not on those initial meetings.

This time, Jason decided to go to Chili’s. That’s only the second time I’ve eaten there. Handsome chunks of mouthwatering beef served on a platter with veggies, potatoes or rice, topped with some yummy sauce. As I chomped away happily, I sort of fell bad for the environment. Riza’s probably shaking her head at my contribution to global warming (yes, beef production affects that). In a rare moment of gluttonous pride, I was the only one who finished my food without needing help from anyone else! Don’t judge me, I’m a growing girl. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs; chewing on juicy, succulent meat is the closest thing I have to… bad things. I had a rushed cake made in Jason’s honor but I’m still slapping myself for forgetting to bring a photo to attach to the “LCD display.” Good thing he still loved it despite the absence of his face. Thanks so much Gel Colet for the wonderful and delicious cake.

Happy birthday ba! >:D<

In other news, I found a pair of tweezers yesterday and decided to play with it. Upon realizing that yanking out all the hairs from my leg was futile without a strip of cloth and some wax, I went up to my eyebrows. Let’s just say I had too much fun. I may like doing most things at home but professionals are there for a reason.

One response to “Happy Birthday Jason!

  1. YAY! I will have more delicious cake later!

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