A friend was asking me a few days ago if I made a 2010 recap entry. I racked my brains (without bothering to check the actual blog) and realized I’d forgotten. My new-found affair with my iPad (iPidPad) and MasterChef prevented me from listing the few people who made my life less crappy the previous year, a tradition I’ve upheld for two years now.

While I can list all of you in 10 seconds, no offense to my family, my buddies (yes, you know  who you are),Jason’s family (for being so gracious), Momo, Kei, Mark, Anne, Cake, Choky Doggy, Fiona the Fug Pug, I’m not going to do the individual praising that I normally do. Hopefully, I’ve made you aware that you were a big and important presence in my 2010.

Because I am on anniversary high, this is/will be a Jason post. Cheese-intolerant, you are excused.

Jason and I “technically” got together at the beginning of the year last year, after months of secretly “scoping” each other out. Haha. So when 2011 opened, it was a perfect moment to recall not just a crazy year but a whole honeymooning year with this ridiculously, silently wonderful man. The 12-18 months with him zoomed past so fast that I still feel like that giddy Guidon girl who spends late nights YMing with this crazy old school photographer yet ironically it’s like I’ve know him my entire life. I’m sure my anti-cheese mother is smacking her head on the table now at this unabashed display of in-love-ness. Hahaha BEH KA MAMA.

Many times I’ve told people that I’ve changed for the better because of them and while that may be true, with Jason, I can, honest-to-goodness, justify it in concrete measures.

1. I learned how to drive.

2. I’m starting to know my streets and roads.

3. I became more patient toward those who don’t know “Mary Poppins.”

4. I quit biting my nails (a habit many tried to force out of me, resorting even to bribery, but only one succeeded).

5. I give more priority to health now.

6. I win in Street Fighter.

7. I discovered a liking for Apple.

8. I can fart without being yelled at (I can’t do the same for him).

9. I can park an automatic!

10. I can eat strawberries and a whole lot of other things!

Yesterday Jason gave me a very episodic scrapbook, documenting the day we met to the present. He filled it with photos and funny captions, a project he worked on for several days. To make matters even sweeter, I was extremely touched at the un-sophistication of the entire thing. Jason is techno-maniac, he likes his Lightroom and Photoshop. Customized arts and crafts is my territory, yet it’s so sweet imagining him slaving over piles of photos,glue, paper and bright-color pens. Very effortful. Amusingly enough, we had the same idea worked quite differently.

I asked my friend to draw me a comic strip of our entire year together. Quite a success, despite my struggles with Paint and it’s lack of efficiency compared to its wonderful descendant, Photoshop.

Happy birthday to us, ba. I love you!

5 responses to “D-DAY!

  1. I love you! I tried to play online in Call of Duty. I keep on dying! The players are so good. Crazy!

  2. Haha the comic! Ang ganda. 🙂 Happy for you two ❤

  3. Haha ang funny ng September! You are so cute, you guys! 🙂

  4. We’re too cheesy for our own good!

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