Notebooks and pencils

The only plausible explanation I can come up with for the lack of any new or particularly interesting entries in the past month is a term I don’t dare use as a professional/aspiring writer. But in desperate times like this, I have no choice. Writer’s block–I am sorely reminded of one of my great writer-professors who said there was no such thing as a dry spell in writing. Maybe for him.

I write–it’s what I do. In Eat, Pray, Love-speak, it’s my word. My verb. Good or bad, it’s probably the thing I’m most comfortable doing–literally and figuratively. I’m a compulsive notetaker (I’m still trying to remember the word for person with the need to scribble everything down), I volunteer to do minutes during meetings, I write first drafts on old steno notebooks filled to every corner. I constantly need to have something to write on every minute–a phone, a pen and tiny notebook, my iPad (fortunately, I have all of those within easy access in my giant sack of a bag). It’s part Harriet the Spy and part a bad case of forgetfulness. So really, it’s undeniably what I do. I cannot have writer’s block. It’s my meal ticket. Nope nope.

In any case, another plausible explanation although not as dramatic and desperate, is the fact that this past month, I’ve been so concerned with another very important yet completely uninteresting aspect of life, the antithesis of words. NUMBERS. December has been a month full of gifts, snowflakes, lights and NUMBERS! How absolutely terrible. With car trouble–battery, windshield, tap overhauling and gifts and budgeting–and shortness on math skills, there was hardly any room for writing.

But, this is a new year. New Year means hope, more writing, and less less math! Thank you to the XX number of people who gave me notebooks and pens for Christmas. I lost my ABS-CBN-issued steno so I’m desperately in need of new and FREE writing materials.

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