I’m not wearing polka-dots

I’ve never been one to follow the silly polka-dotted new year trend (although I painted my nails in magenta and green polka-dots, a la Barney yesterday). Why settle for heavy old coins when crisp new bills can take us much further in the shopping department? So for new year, it’s all about going plaid! Definitely much more in fashion anyway.

So here’s to hoping that you guys had as wonderful a holiday as we did:

And again, just to make it clear, I am terrified of fireworks. My sister had a series of annual firework-related accidents when we were kids. The trauma may be 10 years old but it’s still fresh and terrible to me.

(This is our ode to one of the biggest movies of the year—“Avatar”)


I’m in a time warp because I’m watching “Love Actually” during the New Year. AND at work!

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